Trips to either Chessington world of adventure OR Thorpe Park theme world

Would you like to go on an adventure? We prepared two separate, very attractive options in our day tour offers! Below choose the park you think will be most interesting for your family and enjoy being driven there and back in the comfort of our airconditioned taxi.

Chessington World Of Adventure might be located just 17 miles from the heart of London, but it really is a different world out there. Imagine spending a day amongst over 1000 of the wildest and cutest land animals from around the planet (lions, gorillas, penguins, iguanas, capybaras) and underwater creatures in the Sea Life section of the Zoo! And when you finish your zoo-tour, go on to trying out all of the different rides: some scary, some super-fast, and some perfect for children. Consider visiting on special events like Halloween or Christmas.

Thorpe Park Theme World is – as their slogan goes – “an island like no other”. One of the major theme parks in the UK with unique, thrilling rollercoasters (like the official The Walking Dead Ride), water rides (the gigantic Tidal Wave), a “Black Mirror”-inspired labyrinth and even a full Angry Birds themed area. So if you like going up to 205 feet in the air at 80mph, want to be scared in the world’s first horror roller-coaster based on the movie “SAW” or just feel like spending some time watching your kids enjoy attractions inspired by their favorite cartoons – then Thorpe Park Theme World is the place for you.

Both parks offer on-site accommodation for their guests wishing to stay overnight.