Tour to Stonehenge and Bath

Probably among the most iconic and well-known monuments in the world, the mysterious, pre-historic site at Stonehenge still captivates people who see it. Although it has been here for over 2500 years after being built in the late Neolithic period, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding this World Heritage Site – which you can visit on a day tour with our company.

How did the massive stones aligned into an imposing circle come to be there? Was there some supernatural or perhaps even extraterrestrial power involved? What was their function? The on-site guides and the adjacent Visitor Centre will provide you with answers to at least some of these questions.

However, as many of our clients have stated in the past, the best thing about coming to Stonehenge was not what you learn, but what you feel. Experiencing (touching, even!) a true remnant of the distant human past.

A similar feeling can be found while touring the present-day city of Bath which once housed the finest spas in which the elites of the ancient world spent their time. The Baths’ ruins have been restored and changed into a museum that always ranks very high on the various UK most popular tourist attractions lists. No wonder! With various displays and a collection of items, sculptures, and other relicts of the Roman days, it is hard to overlook.

Try the combined Stonehenge and Bath tour to spend a day travelling in time and – while moving from one spot to the next one – doing so in safety and comfort, with a professional driver at the wheel.