Oxford and Blenheim Palace day trip

Just 56 miles away from London stands the famous university town, Oxford. It is of course here that Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world has been created and is still functioning as the most prestigious higher education institution on the globe. Hoping to send your children to study there and want to inspect the grounds first? Or maybe you are a graduate who felt nostalgic and would like to revisit? We are happy to help!

As our tours will help you understand, Oxford is worth seeing for more reasons than just their university. For starters, architecture lovers will find here buildings in every style from the late Anglo-Saxon era. This city has a long history behind it!

The same can be said for Blenheim Palace – the only house in England that is non-royal, non-episcopal, yet it holds the title of “palace”. That is no small feat. And no small building as well! With the site being 28,000 m² large, there is even a special small railway that connects the Palace and its many gardens.

The surrounding park and gardens cumulate into so much green beauty around the Palace that visitors can spend literally hours on pleasant walks there. Also, the Palace was the filming location for the popular and beloved TV show “Downton Abbey” so fans are sure to enjoy revisiting some of their favorite scenes there.

Visiting Oxford and the Blenheim Palace is sure to be one intensive day with many memorable moments.