Day trip to Brighton

Brighton, which was repeatedly voted “The Happiest Place To Live In The UK” is just 47 miles (76 kilometers) away from London. Why not choose one of our comfortable airconditioned taxis and experienced driver to take you there on a quick day trip?

This seaside area is continually very popular amongst tourists. The large beach in Brighton is a place you can relax in and soak up some sun near the water. While there, why not take a walk down the promenade that stretches out till the neighboring city of Hove? The colorful shops and kiosks along the way offer prints and crafts by local artists at great prices. Another must-see in Brighton is the local Palace Pier with slot-machines, candy floss, and of course fish and chips.

The city has a vibrant and rich arts scene. There are also some famous street-art pieces out there to be found. First among them is Banksy’s iconic “Kissing Policemen” on the Prince Albert Pub. A short walk further stands the “wall of former rockstars” – painted across an entire building’s wall and constantly updated, it is a tribute to some of our favorite musical heroes.

By leaving the city just for a moment, nearby, in the South Downs National Park, you can see the Seven Sisters – the unique, chalk cliffs by the English Channel. The White Cliffs of Dover (check our Day Tour of Kent offer!) might be more famous, but the Seven Sisters are a sight every bit as breathtaking!