London’s Taxis have been doing airport runs from London City Airport, Heathrow and Gatwick for many years. With the rise in public transport options and the growth of Uber, we explore why you should stick with a traditional black cab for your airport travel!

Why Choose Taxi Transfers over Public Transport

There are multiple reasons and many opinions why Gatwick airport taxi transfers and taxis generally around the UK are a better choice than public transport. Taxi services across the country and particularly in London are a superior form of travel than buses and even trains. There are several factors that contribute to this including, time saving, convenience and expense. If you want comfortable, stress-free travel, then a taxi from London’s Taxis is your optimum choice of airport transfer. We provide a value-for-money journey with no hassle in a convenient and private environment where you can relax enroute to your destination.

The Only Competition is Yourself

The constant availability of taxis at the airport gives them a huge advantage over public transport. When you come off the plane the prospect of waiting around for the next train or queuing for a bus is not enticing. The thought of waiting in a queue whilst other passengers board, constantly knocking into you as you struggle for space is not very appealing. The lure of a taxi service is that fighting for storage room and scrambling for a seat after lugging your often heavy luggage around is eliminated.

Block Out the Noise

The driver can help you load your belongings into the vehicle if necessary and you know that there will be more than sufficient room for everything. You will also know exactly where everything is and not have to go searching when you depart at the other end as you would on public transport. You will get leg room and a choice of a conversation with the cabby or some peace and quiet as you embark on your journey. This is not an option with a train or on a bus when you have to try and block out the inevitable noise and disruption coming from others sharing the carriage with you.

One Straight Journey

A taxi can use the same traffic evading options as a bus via the bus lane but are more mobile and generally quicker due to the smaller size and speed. Trains utilise their speed and of course a taxi cannot compete with that sort of power but have the distinct advantage of being able to take you right to the door. This is crucial in your decision making because, more often than not, after you get off a train, you will probably have to get on a bus or ironically onto a taxi to get you home. This begs the question, why would you do two or three different journeys to increase the duration of the trip when you could just do one simple journey by getting in a taxi, to begin with?

Other Considerations

You may also consider the following aspects of airport travel and travel in general when weighing up your personal transport choice. Typically, there is more than meets the eye on a number of factors that will make up your final decision, so it is important to look at things from a broader perspective than perhaps you originally thought to:

  • Fixed charges
  • 24-hour travel
  • Last-minute booking
  • Cost-free changes and alterations in an emergency
  • Driver experience and knowledge
  • Arrange and book your taxi in advance