Using Taxis During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been disruptive for all industries, including taxi drivers, but if you are looking to travel once again within London, you will be happy to know that taxis are continuing to run during the restrictions, with some safety measures in place to protect passengers and taxi drivers.

Legal requirements around face mask wearing in public transport

It is a requirement for both taxi drivers and passengers to wear a face covering at all times within the vehicle – unless exempt. If you refuse to wear a face covering without a legitimate exemption, you could be refused service and receive a minimum fine of £200.

Therefore if you are travelling or planning to use any public transport in London, be sure to have a face mask to hand for travel.

Vehicle interior adaptions for extra safety

London Black Cabs already have a clear partition between the driver and passengers for safety and privacy which now provides added protection against Coronavirus droplets and the spreading of the virus.

Cashless payments

It is worth preparing to use cashless payment if you are taking a taxi in the city as this helps reduce contamination and contact for both parties. Almost all London taxis are equipped for card payment at no extra cost.

Frequent cleaning and consistent ventilation

The driver will clean and disinfect their taxi between each passenger, wiping and spraying down surfaces with disinfectant to kill any traces of the virus and frequent touch points to prevent contamination between passengers. Therefore when you hail or book a taxi, you can be confident the taxi has been freshly disinfected before you enter.

You are encouraged to have open windows while in the taxi to encourage ventilation and air con might not be used as again, this can circulate virus particles.

Rules and Guidance from Transport for London (TFL) and the Mayor of London

These rules and guidance have been set by Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London to help ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers using taxis and private hire vehicles. They have been instated for protection, so please respect them, and understand that taxis are following Government guidelines. London has the oldest regulated taxi service, which is focused on quality, value and safety – which is still significantly important during the pandemic.

Taxis are probably one of the safest methods of transport within London during the pandemic, with guaranteed cleaning between customers, social distancing and panels from your driver and private hire with no unknown commuters alongside you. If you are concerned about travelling throughout London safely, a taxi provides you with the ideal solution.

Travel in safety with Londons Taxi

If you are looking for a London taxi company you can rely on, consider Londons Taxi; we care deeply about operating safely to protect the health of our drivers and our passengers. Our drivers take the guidelines seriously and wear face coverings where applicable and will disinfect the cab between passengers to ensure you are entering a safe, clean and disinfected cab so you can travel with reassurance around your safety.

Whether you need to get around the city or book an airport transfer, Londons Taxi will provide you a considerate, experienced and professional service with a thorough knowledge of London and the surrounding airports to get you where you need to be on time.

To book a taxi, give us a call and we will happily provide you with a quote.